Video Game Review: Sleeping Dogs (2012)

Details: Played on PC for approximately twenty hours. A mature rated open world, action-adventure game.

To my surprise, I greatly enjoyed Sleeping Dogs. Though not as long as a Grand Theft Auto game, this works in favor towards creating a digestible length game that’s a lot of fun and accomplishes what it sets out to do.

To summarize the game in one line, Sleeping Dogs is a homage to Cantonese, crime, film making merged together with Grand Theft Auto’s gameplay.

As a homage to Cantonese film making, the game succeeds wonderfully. The set up of the story, though predictable, heavily refers to movies like Infernal Affairs. Considering how much I loved Infernal Affairs and the Departed (which is based on Infernal Affairs), this is not a bad thing.

I also enjoyed the constant insults and cursing in Cantonese being used. Hilarious and convincing, it adds authenticity and helps set the tone to the overall game. It was actually surprising to hear so much Cantonese being used since this was a very Western game using Cantonese films as source material.

Overall, it was a fun game that didn’t waste my time and had an engaging enough story to motivate me through the missions. By the end I was sufficiently motivated to beat the crap out of the bad guys and dispose of them in gruesome ways that may or may not have involved an ice chipper.

Score: 7/10 Would play again.


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