TV Show Review: The Legend of Korra – All Seasons (2012-2014)

Details: Four seasons that aired on Nickelodeon. Starring Janet Varney, P.J. Byrne, and David Faustino. An animated, action adventure show.

Spoilers ahead.

So… how about that ending?

Overall the Legend of Korra was a great watch. Some of my friends think it was the best show on television… I respectfully disagree. It was a fun ride.

But the one thing that needs to be discussed is that ending… that ending. LESBIhonest… that ending was disappointing. At first, I wondered if it was my own prejudice or discrimination, or my perspective through the “hetero lens (thanks Bryce),” but after more thought, it wasn’t that. It was that it was such a half-assed relationship that was barely developed before being dropped on us. My problem wasn’t that there was some ambiguous sexuality suggested in a kid’s show (although that may be something to think about). It was the lazy writing that did not develop the relationship further.

Part of the blame goes to Nickelodeon, because… well they probably don’t allow that kind of thing on shows aimed at kids aged four through ten. Still, it’s lazy writing.

Additionally, I hate when writers use what I call the “Dawson’s Creek Effect.” This is essentially (because there are a limited number of characters and writers/producers do not want to introduce more characters) when every conceivable combination of romantic relationship is explored between every character because… people like romance. First Bolin, then Mako, then Asami. Tenzin was probably next. In my opinion, it’s cheap, lazy writing.

In any case. I enjoyed the series and as much as I disliked the ending, it was a beautiful image. If nothing else, this show caused me to google and learn what a “ship” is (it’s short for relationship).

Score: 7/10 Good show. Nothing else like it on (American) television. Great art. Could do with less Dawson’s Creek Effect, but that’s true of most teen/kid’s shows.


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