Comic Book Review: Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #12

Details: Published by Marvel. Official site:

I LOVE this event. It’s fun, and funny, even though there is a bunch of dying.

This is the most recent comic in the big Spider-Verse Marvel Comics event. The story isn’t worth talking about too much. Spider-Man is under attack from Morlun (an old enemy from one of my favorite Spider-Man stories), and Spider-Man must team up with the Spider-Men of all the parallel universes in order to stop him.

The main reason you read this comic is for the art and for the funny. It’s just awesome to see every conceivable variation of Spider-Man, from Japanese Spider-Man and pornstar Spider-Woman, to Cowboy Spider-Man and Spider-Pig, all engage in big action scenes.

A lot of the fun is just waiting to see what Spider-Man they’ll think up next, or make a reference to. Personally, I enjoy the Spider-Men who have mechas.

Score: 7/10 Fun story. Great art. What else do you want from a comic book?

Oh, and while this wasn’t drawn by Coipel, some issues in this event are, and I will read anything drawn by Coipel. Link to the preview site below. The image above was drawn by Coipel.


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