Restaurant Review: Emmett’s

Details: Official site is Located at 50 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012.

Emmett’s is a small, laid back, bar/restaurant down near Houston and Sixth Avenue (actual address is 50 MacDougal St., NYC) that specializes in Chicago-y foods. For example, Chicago hot dogs and deep dish pizza. I decided to come by mostly because a quick search for best deep dish in NYC yielded this place.

The space is small enough for there only to be one waitress, maybe enough seating for around sixteen if you exclude the ten or so seats at the bar. The crowd is mostly NYU students so be ready for the onslaught of youthful patrons. But I guess this is OK considering the relatively cheap price; $22 for a ten inch deep dish pizza.

All we had was the deep dish. A ten inch medium pie with sausage. It was all right. Looked better than it tasted. Like a pizza-cake. I was mostly disappointed, but that is probably because I prefer New York style pizza by a large margin. Still good though.

Score: 6/10 Not bad. Other than Uno’s, there aren’t really that many other options for deep dish pizza. If you want Chicago style deep dish pizza in NYC, this is it.


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