Restaurant Review: Watawa Sushi

Details: Located at 33-10 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, NY 11105. Link to their facebook page:

The bathrooms are behind the curtain.

The food is your standard Japanese fare; sushi, sashimi, teryiaki, etc. There were some uniquely named rolls, but nothing extraordinary. It was fresh though. Everyone in our party had some sushi and sashimi with the deep fried green tea ice cream for dessert.

What was noteworthy was the vibe of this place. You can’t tell from the picture, but as of the time of my visit, the place was very trendy/”hip.” There was a nice looking bar with a variety of tasty mixed drinks and cocktails, exposed brick, candles, curtains, a kind of upbeat techno-y music playing, a small pond with a Buddha statue in the back, and a very young crowd. The place was packed. The space itself was huge. I think they might have bought the property next door and combined the two. Even still, there were tons of people and a line waiting for seats. Additionally, they don’t take reservations.

Score: 6/10 You come here for some slightly fresher than average sushi and for the young/fun Friday night atmosphere/crowd.


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