Video Game Review: Battlefield 4 (2013)

Details: Played the Premium version (that means all downloadable content included) on the PC for over four hundred hours.

I bought Battlefield 4: Premium Edition a year or so ago. At the time, two out of the five promised DLC had come out and the game was just getting over the crippling bugs that just about destroyed this franchise.

Fans were leaving. The game kept crashing. It was unplayable. I gave up on this game and cursed the eighty dollars I spent on this stupid purchase.

Fast forward a year and my feelings are the opposite of what they once were. Battlefield 4 is a great game I love playing. I have played over a hundred hours of this game. If only this game could have been this good instead of the disaster that it was when I bought it.

For those new to the series. Battlefield 4 is the latest in the Battlefield franchise. It is a first-person-shooter (FPS) that takes place in the modern world and uses modern vehicles and weapons. While there is a single player (and it really isn’t that bad, although it is short), Battlefield 4 really shines in it’s multiplayer.

The main thing that differentiates Battlefield from other FPS games is the use of vehicles (and the difficulty of their operation), certain game modes (like Conquest) and the allowance of 32 players versus 32 players at the same time. All these things combine into a unique experience that no other game offers. Additionally, most buildings can be destroyed to a degree, which is fun.

Vehicles are really fun and add a lot of variety while remaining balanced. Each vehicle is fairly powerful and can mow down infantry, but can easily be countered by infantry armed with rockets or explosives. Furthermore, helicopter and jet pilots can brag about being the most difficult vehicles to operate and require a great amount of skill to master. Once you do though… there is very little that can take you down. I’ve seen people go 70 kills with zero deaths in a helicopter. Seeing a master helicopter apply his skills is either a terrifying sight or a thing of beauty.

Conquest is the main game mode the Battlefield franchise is known for and remains fun in this iteration. In Conquest, two opposing teams each have a certain number of tickets. The goal is to drain the enemies tickets down before your team runs out of tickets. This can be done through killing enemy team members and forcing them to respawn (which drains a ticket) or by capturing and occupying identified points on the map (which also drains tickets). A game of Conquest with a full game of 64 players… is absolute chaos. Explosions everywhere, snipers and gunfire all around, all the while trying to capture points on the map. It is incredibly frenetic and insanely fun.

For instance, in one game, me and three friends took all the tanks on our team and traveled in formation to capture a point on the map. Through grit and organization, we took the the point and earned dozens of kills apiece, all the while laughing our butts off at formation we were using, lovingly named the penis formation.

In another game, I was engaged in a sniper fight with someone well over 1000 yards away, the maximum distance on the sniper rifle sight. We were dodging and hiding and firing but none of our bullets seemed to hit. Miraculously, after a few minutes of exchanging fire, I fired a shot and as it traveled over, the enemy sniper strafed into it resulting in a headshot (a one-shot kill). Damn it felt good.

Additionally, this game looks amazing. There are few if any games that look this good and I am constantly reminded of that every time I play. This is a true, modern game which — in my opinion — looks better than just about any other game out there (possibly with the exception of The Order: 1886).

Score: 8/10 I hated this game when it was released. It was a broken game, a waste of money, and Electronic Arts (the game’s publisher) should be ashamed of itself if not sued for consumer fraud. However, I am happy to say that it has improved. With five DLC packs since it’s release (adding up to twenty new maps), the addition of numerous new weapons and gadgets, and the fixing of game breaking bugs, Battlefield 4 is one of the best multiplayer games out right now and offers a unique gaming experience.


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