Restaurant Review: Bianca

Details: Located at 5 Bleecker St #1, New York, NY 10012. Official site is

Bianca is your standard, authentic, Italian restaurant.

The space is moderate but the tables are stacked on top of each other, leading to lots of bumping into other people.

I came here with some friends and we ordered the lasagna (used bechamel, which I prefer to ricotta), Stracceti di Manzo (Sliced filet mignon with fried potatoes), and the mushroom pasta (special of the day). The pasta was fresh and the food was good. It wasn’t anything extraordinary; just your average Italian fare.

I did appreciate the short length of the menu. A short menu suggests to me simplicity and a focus on what a restaurant knows how to make, and I can appreciate that. Do what you’re good at.

Score: 6/10 Whenever I eat Italian food I realize that it is the same at most places, unless the restaurant is trying something different/unique. This place doesn’t try anything different/unique. It was still all right though.


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