TV Show Review: Teen Titans Go! (2013)

Details: Currently airs on Cartoon Network. In its third season and is ongoing.

I was in the mood for some lighthearted entertainment and decided to give the cartoon Teen Titans Go! a shot. After watching an episode… I then watched all the episodes in Season 1. After watching all these episodes, I can safely say that Teen Titans Go! is… perfect. It is a perfect, hilarious, lighthearted cartoon and does everything a good cartoon should.

When thinking about Teen Titans Go!, I can’t help but think about other cartoons I’ve loved and laughed at. Cartoons like Recess, SpongeBob, or Kim Possible. Cartoons that can be amusing to kids, but provide an even greater level of humor for an adult.

Each episode of Teen Titan’s Go! is ten minutes long, which is great. Less drag, more focus, and a faster pace. There aren’t really any overarching stories over the season nor are there really any themes and morals. Its just fun and hilarity, childish and amusing.

What is noteworthy are the voice actors. They clearly have mastered playing their respective characters, be it through their performances in the prior Teen Titans cartoon (which was more serious) or the ample voice acting experience they all possess (check their pages, very impressive). Each character has their time in the sun and are given plenty of hilarious lines.

Also noteworthy: references. For example, one episode involved a giant robot clearly referencing the Power Rangers. They even used the actual Power Rangers melody. Actually, Batman and Aquaman even make small appearances despite DC’s heavy embargoes. I think its because of the comedic nature of the show, but I still appreciated they actual depictions nonetheless.

Additionally, the music selection used/written for this show is fantastic. Nice one whoever writes/picks the music.

8.5/10 If you want something funny and lighthearted to watch, can’t go wrong with this. Watch the clip above if you’re unsure this is your cup of tea. I have no idea what the showrunners are smoking, but there are some episodes that were clearly written under the influence of something.


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