Restaurant Review: Tink’s

Details: Located at 102 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009. Couldn’t find an official site.

Tink’s is a charming, small restaurant in the lower east side of Manhattan. There aren’t a lot of seats, but the food is great.

I came here with some friends for brunch the other day. We had the True Apothecary with corn beef hash (sweet potato, potato, two sunny side up eggs, and organic beef for $3 extra), Biscuits and Gravy, the Fritatta (basically and egg omelette with vegetables and herb goat cheese), and an order of the Cinnabon pancakes.

Everything was delicious and seasoned well. Of note was the sweet potato hash and cheesy fritatta. The herbs really added to the goat cheese. The sweet potato hash was still potato, but the sweetness was something new-ish.

It was a bit pricey as everything cost around 18 bucks for the prix fix menu. I guess it’s just the idea of paying a premium for eggs and potatos. However, they did come with mimosas and bloody Mary’s, so I guess that’s ok. Plus, brunch in the city is always around this price.

Score: 7/10 Make a reservation, it is a tiny space.


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