Restaurant Review: Indikitch

Details: Located at  940 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019, among other locations. Official site is

I don’t normally write a review for fast food or fast-casual food, but I tried Indikitch the other day and felt compelled to do so.

Indikitch is essentially fast-casual Indian food served in the same format as Chipotle, that is assembly line style and very quickly. It’s Chipotle, but with Indian food instead of Mexican.

A new one opened in Midtown and I decided to visit for lunch. The space is very large, clean, and modern. Prices are around ten dollars for a meal.

In regards to how you order, its pretty much like Chipotle. Here’s the link of the menu for convenience: First you pick a meal. Personally, I prefer the feast in that you get some veggies and lentils along with nan. Next you pick a meat or if you don’t like meat, then you can pick a veggie or cheese based main ingredient. They all come with rice, too.

One main difference with Chipotle is that while the meat is prepared before hand (like Chipotle), they actually cook it with some sauce on the spot with every order. Some people might appreciate this, some might not, but it’s noteworthy.

As for taste, the food is pretty good. It’s not as good as a sit down Indian restaurant, but its still not bad for something prepared so quickly.

The main reason why I needed to write a review is because Indikitch filled a need sorely missing in this city. That is, we need more food of similar quality and speed as Chipotle, but we need it to taste different.

A while back, I (and I imagine a lot of people) ate Chipotle for a prolonged period of time. I worked in the city and Chipotle was fast and tasted all right. But you can only eat the same thing so many times and after a while, I no longer had any desire to eat there. Ever. And really, I didn’t eat at Chipotle all those times because I loved the taste. Chipotle was just so easy. And relatively cheap. And the quality was far better than McDonald’s or any other fast food chain. But what I really wanted was a greater variety of food, maybe from a different region, with the same relative price, speed, and quality Chipotle delivered. As a wise man once said, “man cannot live on bread alone…,” or burrito bowls.

Luckily for me, Indikitch fulfilled that desire. To a greater extent, Indikitch stands at the forefront of a potentially profitable trend that may be descending upon the city. For example, Korilla, the well-known Korean-Mexian fusion food truck, has opened a brick and mortar location near St. Mark’s. Like Indikitch, they serve Korean food in the Chipotle format.

It is my hope that both Indikitch, Korilla, and any other similar restaurants using the Chipotle method find great success in their endeavors. I envision a day where there aren’t only Indian and Korean foods represented in this format. I want Thai food, Japanese food, Italian, French, English, and every other country represented in this convenient way. Perhaps one day, they will even open a food court where all these competing restaurants work together to provide a truly multicultural and convenient place for a person to eat lunch during the work day while preserving their piggy banks. A true United Nations of fast-casual food.

In conclusion, Indikitch is great. Go try it out. Go try Korilla at their brick and mortar location. Stop eating Chipotle, or at least eat less of it. And prepare yourself for the oncoming onslaught of convenience, speed, and quality, in a multicultural variety of flavors.

Score: 7/10


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