Restaurant Review: The Stanton Social

Details: Located at 99 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002. Official site is

The main thing about the Stanton Social is the atmosphere. The food isn’t bad and the prices are a bit high for what we were served, but the feeling of comfort while eating there is appreciable.

Me and some friends got here a little early for brunch, before their 11:30 AM opening time in hopes of avoiding a rush. There was already a crowd outside which started building hype. As you walk in, a live band was playing a calming, snazzy performance, adding further hype. We were seated in a very comfortable booth (as you can see from the above pic), cementing the hype for the kind of food that would accompany this ambiance. I was moderately satisfied.

The food was essentially breakfast tapas or small dishes of breakfast food meant to be shared with others at the table. We ordered the banana pancakes, breakfast bruschetta (scrambled eggs, ovendried tomatoes and asiago cheese on toast), bacon polenta (served with poached eggs and chili oil), potato and goat cheese pierogies (served with carmelize onions and creme fraiche), and the mac and cheese (with sausage and peppers). For drinks, we had coffee, the Ruby Jack (Jack Daniels, pomegranate juice among other things), and the Vietnamese Coffee (Finlandia, Khalua, coffee).

The food was all right… just small. Especially considering the price. This is generally why I hate tappas in NYC. Phenomenal cosmic price… itty bitty serving size (reference Alladin, RIP Robin Williams). And though the food was good, they didn’t make anything extraordinary. Mac and cheese and pierogies aren’t complex. The drinks were really good.

Score: 5/10 A nice environment with tasty, but simplistic food. You’re paying for the atmosphere. In my opinion, not worth coming to for brunch, lunch or dinner, but worth it if just for drinks. Full disclosure: I find most tapas (in NYC) overrated and unsatisfying, so part of my negativity is because they served brunch in the form of overrated and unsatisfying tapas.


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