TV Show Review: Mad Men (2007) Season Seven Episode Nine

Details: Airs on AMC.

Mad Men is one of those shows that has been consistently good throughout its entire run. Some have said that Breaking Bad is television’s greatest show, but that it has a slow start. Mad Men does not suffer that weakness. From episode one, Mad Men has been amazing, all the way to the current episode.

Moreover, Mad Men offers something that cannot be found on any other show today. It’s a period piece of the 1950’s, now the 1960’s. It’s a comedy. It’s a drama. It’s educational fiction meant to teach the audience about the advertising industry, at least how it used to be. And to my greatest surprise, it’s an advertisement. As you might read from an advertising textbook, Mad Men (like advertising) often places greater emphasis on tone and feeling, rather than plot.

In the current golden era of high quality television, with shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and House of Cards, Mad Men continues to remain unique, offering something that no other show does. To a greater extent I don’t think that anyone other than Matthew Weiner could have made such a show. There are no other shows currently airing that I watch in their entirety except this… and Daredevil.

Welp, that’s enough praise for now.

This week, if you were a long time fan, you got everything you’ve come to love about this show. Don pursues a new love interest, to dramatic and intense results (Don steals every scene as usual). Robert gets a chance to deliver some wit, while also being as promiscuous as always. Harry… is a creep.

We also got to see the return of Megan, whom I loved. I loved to see Don make things right with her as best he could, all while maintaining his image of supreme bad-ass (damn… a million dollars?!). It was also nice to see Betty and the kids and know that they were all right. I really enjoyed seeing Sylvia Rosen and her husband again. I love how Mad Men takes these old characters who were integral to prior seasons and drops them back in for five seconds, all to show how they got along after the last season. It creates a continuity and helps to flesh out Don’s world.

Also loved Mimi Rogers guest appearance. Love how Weinstein takes these faces people recognize and puts them in these roles you would not expect to see them in. For example, a bisexual-hustler-photographer.

Score: 8.5/10 Love the show. Sad that there are only a few episodes left, but all good things must come to an end.


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