Comic Book Review: Batman (2011) #40

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Again Snyder and Capullo, you do this to us. We, the readers, love what you’ve done with Batman. The introductions to new characters, the retelling of Batman mythos, the twists and surprises, you frighten and delight us. And now, you’ve given us one more thing: an ending.

Batman’s current story arc comes to a conclusion as Batman engages in the climactic final battle with the Joker. And just as you would expect, it comes with some twists and turns.

While the primary plot point/conclusion brought by this issue is somewhat predictable given the progression of events in the prior issues, it is the way this ending is brought about that deserves praise. The highlight of this issue — and really the whole arc — is the final fight between Batman and the Joker. Its bloody, violent, dirty, and desperate. But more than the actions taken, the words they exchange hold even greater importance. Snyder once again defines his Batman and Batman’s relationship to the Joker, giving a definitive interpretation on decades of Batman’s history and mythos. It is an amazing end to an amazing arc, which really started all the way back in the Death of the Family arc a while ago.

Score: 9.5/10 As exciting as this ending is, I’m even more excited for the new beginnings hinted at in the solicitations for Batman #41. In my opinion, this is the best comic book being released right now. There were other comics released this week (like the Avengers books) but the other books were boring to read in comparison to the hype and love this book brings me. As far as I’m concerned, Snyder and Capullo can do no wrong and I will continue to read Batman as long as they continue to write and draw it.


I was a little disappointed Alfred got to keep his hand. When things like that happen, I want them to occur with some permanence or else it is a meaningless act. I mean Thor lost his arm and then go t a cyborg arm. Oh well, I kind of knew it wouldn’t stay cut off. Minor gripe over.


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