Restaurant Review: Hotel Chantelle

Details: Located at 92 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002. Official site is

Hotel Chantelle is a french dinner/ brunch place on Ludlow and Delancey. I came here with some friends for brunch.

First thing you notice is the decor. The rooftop area is lovely and the live music is also great.

They do reservations here, which helps considering that this place is always packed. In fact, the reservation we got was made a month in advance.

The food is average. We ordered the Steak and Eggs, Banana Foster Waffles, Truffle Tater Tots, and the Lobster Benedict. Unfortunately, they got my order wrong and gave me a lobster roll instead. I settled for it instead of sending it back. I tried a little of everything else, and it was all just okay.

The main attraction here are the one dollar drinks. The Strawberry Lime Rickey and Easy Passage were $.92 a piece. Really cheap, but really small and watered down. However, drink a dozen of these and you’ve pretty much matched the cost and effectiveness of a stronger/larger drink.

Score: 5.4/10 Decent, but nothing special. Nice setting, but I also hate crowds and it was crowded. A sign of their success I guess.


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