TV Show Review: Mad Men (2007) Series Finale (Episode 7×14) and Season Seven

Ah Mad Men, I’ve loved since the day you aired. And after your pilot, every episode, every season, you have continued nurture that love.

The final episode of Mad Men aired on Sunday and it was exactly what I wanted it to be. Mad Men has been largely about two things: drama and the advertising industry, both as they were in the 1960’s and then the 70’s. The final episode continues that and portrays it wonderfully, ending with a final statement on the drama that is Don Draper and a statement on the advertising produced in that time period.

But what I love most about this finale episode is that it is indeed an ending. So many shows (Sopranos, I’m looking at you) try to do something surprising, some sudden twist to try and shock or surprise the viewer. Refreshingly, the final episode of Mad Men does not. It is an honest to goodness ending to each of the characters story arcs and it is satisfying to boot. Further, the ending to Mad Men is a happy ending, or at least as happy an ending as it can be. So many shows try to be tragic or edgy that it becomes surprising when everything is wrapped up nicely with no unnecessary pain.

Score: 9/10

Additionally, if you truly want a definitive interpretation of the ending, I found this article to be the most agreeable to me. It relates to the ad executive that Don is supposedly based on and how the final sequence in the episode relates to Don Draper. It’s the interpretation that I believe and it makes a happy ending even happier in my opinion. The link is below the Spoilers.


Here it is:

I love the idea that Don went back to work and made that coke commercial, all while finding is own sense of peace.


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