Restaurant Review: Marietta (and Why I Now Hate Brunch, not your fault Marietta)

Details: Located at 285 Grand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238. Official site

I eat a lot of brunch. My friends can’t get enough of it. I don’t know if it’s because it tastes good, because it’s fun to hang out, or because being cool hipster brunch lovers feels nice. Regardless, I’ve eaten so much brunch that I’m starting to hate it.

And I can’t really blame Marietta for this. They’re a decent brunch place. Staff is friendly. Food was good. We ordered the shrimp and grits, the Marietta’s fried chicken, the basic breakfast, accompanied with some mimosas. It was all fairly tasty. However… it just wasn’t satisfying. This isn’t an attack on Marietta, but on brunch.

Brunch is overpriced. The food is basic and not creative. It’s essentially diner food, but marketed upwards toward the hipster type crowd. You can go from one brunch place to the other and it’s pretty much the same crap; breakfast food with booze. Oh some places add some small twist to their brunch menu, like adding a dollop of truffle oil, but it’s still all the same.

Herein lies the problem: brunch is really an excuse to drink in the morning, but classier. People bring their families to brunch. People bring their dates to brunch. Brunch is for hanging out and drinking. And that’s fine, but not what I look for when I eat out.

What I want is reasonably priced food in a comfortable environment. When it isn’t reasonably priced, then I want that food to be unique. The food is the star of the show. Brunch food is not unique. It’s the same derivative crap all the time. Which is amazing considering how many brunch places there are in this city and that they all are so lazy and not creative that they’ll make the same damn thing, over and over and over again. And people keep going back. Sigh. All brunch places may as well be franchisees of IHOP, except they have liquor licenses.

Score: 6.2/10 I hate brunch. It’s unsatisfying and boring. Not your fault Marietta.


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