Video Game Review: To The Moon (2011)

Details: Played on the PC for about four hours.

To The Moon is a PC game released back in 2011 using the game making program RPG Maker XP. It looks like the old school games for Super Nintendo.

The game can take anywhere from one hour to three hours. No action or anything since it’s an adventure game or visual novel. You just walk around, look for things, and interact with them.

The music is nice with some SNES style imitation music and some actual piano. There’s also a voiced music track. The music definitely adds to the atmosphere of the game.

The story is interesting. I’ve read a lot of reviews saying how big a tear-jerker it was. I appreciate the story but the old school visuals do take away from it in my opinion. With that said, it was nice and nostalgic seeing a game using that old pixel-y style.

Score: 5/10 It’s an interesting game. I can easily see how some people might love this game with it’s story and graphical style. It’s on sale now on Steam’s summer sale for $2.49. That is exactly the price point I feel this game is worth. Maybe a little less.


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