TV Show Review: Suits (2011) Season Five Episodes One and Two

After these last four seasons, I’ve figured out what I love most about Suits. I love scenes with Lewis and Donna. I love the humor. I enjoy watching Jessica mentor, protect, and smack down the rest of the cast. I enjoy some legal drama, but that isn’t the core of this show to me. I love these characters and how they interact. They’re a family; a work family and what I love about suits is about watching the drama between such close coworkers.

What I don’t like about Suits was the whole Mike conflict where every episode someone was going to figure out Mike didn’t go to law school. It was an interesting idea for the pilot, but after four seasons you’re just beating a dead horse. I’m very glad they left that plot line behind. I also tire of seeing the predictable cheating/love triangle that every piece of mainstream entertainment includes just for the heck of it. Love triangles are predictable, derivative, and — in my opinion — just muscle memory for writer to include into a story line. I don’t enjoy them and I’m very happy they left that stuff behind. The closest thing to cheating and breaking up is Donna going to Lewis and I love that plot line.

I feel this season is finally the season that gets it exactly right. These first two episode leave out all the crap from the other seasons I did not enjoy and gets right to what I love: the legal work drama, the humor and the heart of the characters. Harvey and Lewis fight like brothers. Donna and Harvey are not lovers nor are they brother and sister, but the separation is still poignant. A little legal jargon is welcome, but it doesn’t need to be an existential crisis each and every time. Mike is with Rachel and everything is fine… for now. I hope it stay that way. Leave cheap love triangle plot devices out. Discussion of prenuptial agreements is fine and apt for a legal drama. More jokes are great and I love any scenes with Lewis and Donna.

Score: 7/10 Great opening. Had everything I loved about Suits in these opening episodes. Looking forward to the rest of the season.


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