TV Show Review: Suits (2011) Season Five, Episode Three

Details: Airs on USA Network.

When I write a post about something, there generally needs to be something noteworthy about it. For example, True Detective was not a noteworthy episode this weeks. Nothing stood out about it in my mind. Suits however, had a lot about it that stuck out to me.

Most noteworthy in this episode was Harvey’s anxiety. Through out the seasons, Harvey has gone through uncountable obstacles and stress and he has persevered and proven himself this unstoppable force of an attorney. This season, the stresses keep coming and we finally get to see the chinks in his armor. Harvey is still human no matter how hard he tries to repress that and with Donna leaving, Harvey is forced to face his inner demons and insecurities. It’s great television and it usually is when writers shows us the contrasting weakness in an otherwise strong character.

Other than Harvey, there was a lot of love about this episode. All my favorite Suits elements were there: dramatic walking, domination of opposing counsel, jokes between characters, and heart/bonding/reconciliation between characters. They even avoided bringing up Mike’s secret as they do every season, which I appreciate. I’m still crossing my fingers that they do not create a plot line with Mike’s secret as I hate seeing that annoying plot line every season. It’s done guys, just let Mike practice law. I get it, Mike’s a fraud. I don’t care. Just get on with the story.

Score: 7/10


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