Restaurant Review: Korilla BBQ

Details: Located at 55th and Broadway, New York, NY 10019, among other locations. Official site is

I’ve been to the Korilla food truck a number of times now so I figure I should write a review. The Korilla food truck is pretty much the same concept as Chipotle and Indikitch, except with Korean flavors. I’ve been to the food truck a number of times, but I’ve never been to the brick and mortar location near St. Marks.

The food truck gives you two options: bowl or burrito. Like Chipotle, it’s the same ingredients, just different forms. You then choose your meat (bulgogi, pork, chicken, or tofu), rice (kim chee rice or sticky rice), cheese or pico de gallo, and a small assortment of pickled vegetables. You also get to choose a sauce. The truck moves around the city and you can track it on their twitter page ( The price comes in at around $10, which is about Chipotle and Indikitch prices.

It’s pretty good eating and convenient for those of us working in the city. There is slightly less food here than at Chipotle or Indikitch, but it’s nice to get some Korean flavors in an area of the city with few Korean restaurants. Definitely convenient for those working in the city and tired of the restaurants in the surrounding area of your office. While I would avoid eating this on my days off, it is a nice thing to have for lunch on a work day.

If you want a recommendation on what to get, I usually get the spicy pork with kim chee rice, with everything, and with Korilla sauce (a kind of Chipotle mayonnaise). I don’t normally like spicy food, but this wasn’t too spicy.

Score: 6.8/10

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