Restaurant Review: White Bear (Flushing, NY)

There is only one thing to get at White Bear: wontons with red oil (the #6). While the oil may be red, it is not that spicy and mostly offers flavor. This is the opinion of someone who hates spicy food.

You could try some of the other items, like the Dan Dan noodles (noodles covered in the same sauce as the wontons). Maybe you want something blander, which would likely be the wonton soup. They also sell frozen dumplings if you want to bring something home (they won’t cook the dumplings, only wontons and noodles).

But really, anyone who has ever been here gets the #6, twelve wontons with red oil sauce for $5.00. Nothing else is nearly as good.

Additionally, this place may be hard to find. You’ll recognize it by the white canopy with the words “White Bear” on it. It’s pretty small and dirty. There are maybe seven to ten seats inside. The front lady doesn’t speak that much English, but she knows the names of the items on the menu.

Score: 8/10 Damn good for five bucks.

Yelp page (no official website):


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