Restaurant Review: Tanner Smith’s (55th Street, NYC)

Tanner Smith’s is a relatively new bar that opened this year. I came here for drinks after work.

First is the appearance. It’s a nice looking bar and I really like the classical look.

Like many bars, they have a variety of “special drinks,” which are really just your average drinks with their slightly different twist on them. Had some beers; they have all your standard brands. Also tried the Winona. It’s their twist on the old fashioned and I really liked it. It came in a bottle and there was some instruction on how to drink it. I just emptied the bottle into the iced glass. It had a smoky taste which differentiated it from other old fashioned’s I’ve had before.

Other people ordered dirty martinis and the Mayor Gaynor’s Tippler (their version of a Manhattan). I was told they were both good.

We ordered a lot of food; the Thai deviled eggs on curried toast, house prepared beef jerky, the everything pretzel, the buffalo chicken spring rolls, the chicken wings (Asian sesame sauce), some beef burgers, tacos pequenos and a flat bread pizza.

Everything was really good. The Thai deviled eggs were really small. Tacos were ordinary. The chicken wings with asian sesame sauce were amazing and came with a cucumber salad. Burgers and pizza were fine.

I don’t know if it was because they were new, but the service wasn’t fantastic. People were nice, they just weren’t that reliable.

Score: 7.5/10 Really like this place. It’s got a nice vibe and the people coming here were fun. Drinks were great and I really liked my Winona. Chicken wings were also great. I heard that the Sriracha Honey flavored wings were also good. Looking forward to coming here again.

Official site:


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