Restaurant Review: Wok Wok (Mott St., NYC)

Wok Wok is a southeast Asian restaurant in Chinatown.

The menu is pretty standard for these kinds of restaurants. There’s a lot of fried noodles, rendang, etc. What I noticed that surprised me was the hot pot rice, which I guess is similar to Korean bibimbap.

We ordered a number of things that I cannot pronounce nor will I try. We had a fried noodle dish, a spicy noodle soup with seafood, and Malaysia’s national dish… the name escapes me. There were also Thai iced teas all around.

It was all really good. While I enjoy this kind of food, it’s not French haute cuisine. You’ve had this once, you know what your in for.

Score: 6.8/10 Good Malaysian/Vietnamese/any other southeast Asian place for food. Probably just as good for takeout.

Official site:


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