Restaurant Review: Tony’s Di Napoli (Upper East Side, NYC)

Tony’s Di Napoli is a chain of Italian restaurants similar in vein to Carmine’s. We mainly came here because it was one of the few restaurants my level 9000 vegan friend can eat at.

The food is served family style (big plates to share). We ordered the primavera and a seafood pasta in a wine sauce. It was okay.

Service was fine.

The room was very large and noisy. We went to the one on the Upper East Side. Not sure if the other location is as loud.

Score: 4.5/10 Not a great experience. In my book, Italian food of this kind ranks similarly to southeast Asian food; simple, straightforward, not complex or thoughtful, mainly good when I get a craving for it. I will avoid coming back here if I can help it.

Official site:


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