Restaurant Review: Great Jones Cafe

A friend was feeling some Cajun food so we came here.

There’s lots to like about the Great Jones Cafe. the menu is a chalk board with about 15 items, which I love. Convoluted, cluttered menu’s generally yield some good dishes with a clump of bad ones. A short menu means that this restaurant knows what they are good at, they have confidence in these few items, and that you’re probably not going to make a bad choice no matter what you pick.

It’s a small space with a little more than a dozen seats. There are more seats at the bar.

There was one waitress and the owner I assume. Service was still nice, if not a little overworked.

Food was great. I had Jambalaya. Was good, but too spicy for my palate. I hate spicy food. Cornbread was good. Other people had the catfish and the Po boys. They all looked good.

Score: 6/10 Nice place for Cajun food and drinks.

Official site:


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