Movie Review: Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland attempts to be a lot of things. It tries to be a children’s movie, an adventure movie, and an action movie. Ultimately, it mainly succeeds in one regard: it is merely a piece of advertising for the Tomorrowland attraction at Disney World.

And it tries very hard not to be. The action scenes are very well choreographed. The special effects are very convincing. Act 1 does a great job at introducing the world, the mystery, and the tone of a fun adventure movie. And that cast… I loved that cast.

There were a lot of familiar faces for me. Most recognizable would be George Clooney (Ocean’s… everything) and Hugh Laurie (House). Britt Robertson isn’t a household name, but I do remember seeing her in The First Time and thinking how charming this girl is. Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele) makes a funny/scary appearance. Most noteworthy is Raffey Cassidy. I’m always amazed by these child actors who can portray a character that seems much older than they actually are (Chloe Moretz comes to mind). Make no mistake, Cassidy still has moments where her performance is interrupted by her youth, but it is a still a great convincing performance. She also has some action scenes, but I’m not sure if they were performed by her or a stunt double.

Where the movie really falls apart is in Act 3 with the big reveal of what the central conflict was. It was so underwhelming and really showed how paper thin this script was. So much was spent on the art direction and special effects that this unconvincing big bad conflict just disappoints. In some ways, it felt like so much was spent on Act 1 and building that mystery that they forgot to spend just as much time creating a satisfactory revelation for that build up.

Score: 6.6/10 In the end, the film was still entertaining and definitely worth it for children to watch. Unfortunately, as in the film, all that time spent trying to go somewhere yielded a destination that was underwhelming. However, it was still fun getting there.


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