Restaurant Review: Oh Taisho! (St. Mark’s, NYC)

I’ve passed by this place countless times, usually turned off because of the huge line that’s usually in front of it. Well, I’m happy to say I finally tried this place and it was great.

I think Oh Taisho! is mainly known for their skewers, but they so many other great things, too. We ordered two order of meal A; that’s meat balls, chicken, gizzard, chicken skin, and pork belly skewers. I especially liked the pork belly, but they were all very tender and delicious. We also ordered beef skewers, the duck with garlic chips, and the salmon cream yakisoba. It was all great.

The service was nice.

The prices weren’t that bad. About $1.50 per skewer, which varies depending on the skewer.

Score: 8/10 They also have ramen, rice bowls, and okonomiyaki. I’m definitely coming back. I just hope it’s a little less crowded next time.

Official site:


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