Movie Review: Inside Out

Inside Out is Disney Pixar’s latest film and seemingly an attempt to create a new property that returns to the studio’s former glory. You know, before the Cars movies, back when they released Toy Story, Ratatouille, Up, etc.

And it is a good movie. It’s just not a classic. It kind of just goes along the Pixar formula, if there is such a thing. They wrote a story centering on the formative years of a child and tried to rope in feelings of nostalgia, which works, but just feels rehashed sometimes. Pixar’s done this before and I’m ready for Pixar’s next, great, original property. Not more of the same.

The story centers on the anthropomorphic emotions of a little girl. They get lost in the inner workings of the girl’s mind and hilarity and adventure ensue. Meanwhile, the girl goes through things in real life and is reflected in the inner workings.

There are definitely moments that moved me, but it’s that same nostalgic twinge I’m used. Don Draper would be proud. Pixar’s golden years seem to be over as they continually return back to the nostalgia well.

A friend told me that this movie was great for explaining to children their feelings and helping children express them. That’s great and all, but I’m not a child and when I watch a movie, I want an engaging story. Up was so successful because it not only had colorful, talking animals, it also addressed the issues of aging and love which applied to the adult members of the audience.

Score: 7.5/10 Good movie. Not a classic. Good for kids, but kids will watch anything with Amy Poehler’s inflection and colors.


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