Restaurant Review: Lucky Cat (upper east side, NYC)

Wandered around last night with a group of ten and looking for ramen on the upper east side. Totto was full. Hide ramen upstairs was also full. Luckily we found Lucky Cat.

It was late so they had the room for us. It’s a satisfactory, if simple space.

Service was okay.

Prices were all right. Around ten bucks for plates. Skewers were around two to three bucks a piece.

We ordered a lot. We had one of their shabu shabu dishes (mountain of meat cooked in soup right at the table), some pork belly skewers, yakisoba (stir fry noodles), most of their varieties of soup ramen, and the pork belly tacos.

It was all right. Not everything was that good. I don’t recommend the Yakisoba. Ramen… is self explanatory. I place it in the same category of food as Mexican food, Italian food, curry, etc. It’s good when you want it, but it’s not complex and there isn’t a higher degree of satisfaction you can derive from such a simple dish. Pork belly tacos were pretty good, too.

Score: 6.5 Pretty good. Not everything on the menu is great. I’d stick with ramen and skewers.

Offical site:


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