Restaurant Review: Rosa Mexicano (near Union Square, NYC)

Went here over the weekend. The restaurant is advertised as fine dining Mexican food. I don’t know about fine dining, but it was good.

The space is very large. There are high ceilings, and a separate dining and bar area. I enjoyed the color scheme as well.

Sangria was all right.

Service was nice.

If you come here you must order the table side guacamole. That’s really the main point of coming here. If you don’t order that, you might as well go somewhere else… like Taco Bell or something.

We also ordered the Flautas de Pollo (roller tortillas filled with chicken, covered in salsa and cream), Costillas de Res (beef tacos that come with a side of Mexican corn), and the Pescado de Mahi Mahi (fish tacos, come with Mexican corn). Everything was really good. I hate spicy food and there was some spice in there, but still good.

Score: 6.8/10 Good place for slightly better Mexican. It’s definitely not fine dining, but still good. The interior is the most noteworthy aspect of this restaurant.

Official site:


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