Restaurant Review: Spot Dessert Bar (St. Mark’s, NYC

I came here with a friend after a really heavy dinner. We were pretty stuffed, but for once in our lives this place did not have a ridiculous line out front. In fact, there was no line. And this was on a Friday night. We took this as a sign from the universe to try it out. Sure enough, right after we took out seats, the line formed behind us.

The inside is cozy. If it weren’t for the enormous number of people who wanted to come in it would have been fine.

There are various drinks, but only nine desserts on the menu. Somehow, they managed to know my weakness: small menus. As I’ve written in past reviews, a small menu means to me that the restaurant is confident in what they are putting out. They know what they are good at and these few things are all they need to run a viable business. We only ordered one thing, but it was amazing.

We ordered the “Golden Toast,” which is extremely crispy, buttery toast with a very soft, warm, doughy center. It was served with a side of ice cream, cinnamon, whipped cream, and strawberries. It was lovely.

Service was fine, if not inexperienced and overworked.

Score: 7.8/10 I would love to come back and try the rest of their desserts. I looked around the room when I was there and saw nothing but happy, satisfied faces. The Spot is a great place for desserts and a date.

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