Restaurant Review: Daeji Daeji (Flushing, NY)

While Koreatown in Manhattan is more convenient, most people who know about Korean barbecue will testify that Murray Hill in Queens is the absolute best place to get Korean barbecue in NYC. On one late night, me and some friends decided to head over and indulge ourselves there. The place we decided to go to was Daeji Daeji (nothing else was open as it was one in the morning).

This place is fantastic. Firstly, the appetizers… man I love Korean appetizers and this place didn’t skimp. They had a large selection including duboki (rice cakes in spicy sauce), steamed egg, and fried dumplings.

As for meat, we ordered the LA galbi (short rib), the pork belly, and the sirloin steak. The galbi and pork belly were amazing. The sirloin steak was likely a poor choice. If you want a steak, you may as well go to an American steak house. If you want galbi, go Korean barbecue.

Service was amazing. They usually close around two, but they let us stay till two thirty without saying a word until after we asked him. We were guilty and greatly appreciative. Plus, our server did a great job cooking the food and helping us to additional servings of duboki and steamed egg.

Watch for that price though. It was about forty dollars per person.

Score: 8.4/10 So, so good. If you get a chance, it’s worth a visit.

Yelp Site:

Facebook site: daeji


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