Restaurant Review: Izakaya Mew (near Koreatown, NYC)

Came here with a friend for dinner. First thing to know is that during peak hours, this place is packed. There is a perpetual line that is about an hour long from around five-ish to midnight. There are no reservations so get ready to wait.

The space is downstairs in a basement, but — as you can see from the photo — it is a nice space. Despite the large number of people waiting for tables, it was comfortable. Also, I love exposed brick.

For food, we ordered the black sesame chicken (fried), the omu soba (its a noodle stir fry wrapped in an omelette, tastes like okonomiyaki), and the black dragon roll (eel, avocado, shrimp tempura). Everything was great. I was worried about the Omu Soba, but it was fine. Almost everyone there had ordered it. Loved the black sesame chicken. You can faintly taste the black sesame, but it’s sweet.

Service was great. Plenty of waiters and all very helpful. Front guy taking tables was unbelievably busy, but still very nice.

Score: 7.4/10 Loved this place. Probably not coming back because of the crowd though.

Official site:


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