TV Show Review: Doctor Who, Series 9 Episode 11, Heaven Sent

I loved the prior episodes with Ashildr. Maisie Williams was great and the introduction of her character made her episode my favorite of the Capaldi era. That changed this past weekend with Heaven Sent. This is my favorite episode of the Capaldi era.

To recap the prior episodes, the Doctor’s companion has died and he has been sent to an undisclosed location, as a prisoner.

It’s a great bottle episode. Capaldi is largely the only actor here and he performs wonderfully. He carries the episode and the mystery.

And the mystery is grand. My favorite part of good science fiction is, as always, the character development. This episodes does a great job showing further insight into the Doctor. His strength and his weakness. It’s a great exploration into the brilliance and tenacity of the Doctor.

Score: 7.8/10 Hard to talk about this episode without revealing too much. Safe to say this is a great episode that needs watching.


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