Restaurant Review: American Cut (NYC)

Official site:

Came here for restaurant week and was not disappointed.

Ordered the prix fixe menu. Appetizers were Jim Baker oysters, Cesar salad, and thick cut bacon. Entrees consisted of hanger steak, chicken, or salmon. We all had mashed potatoes for sides and the cracker jack sundae for dessert. Price for all was $38.00.

They toss the salad at table side, which was nice I guess. It’s still just salad. Oyster were all right. That bacon was amazing though. The bacon was so thick it was bordering on a name change to pork belly. Really good.

We mostly had steak, which is all right. Someone had salmon, which was also ok. The steak was better after I added some peppercorn sauce to it. Got to ask your waiter for that though. Mash potatoes were good, but if you let them sit for too long, you could see the butter separating from the potatoes. There was a lot of butter in those potatoes. Dessert was good, but really small.

Service was fantastic.

Loved the interior. Great design choices and the chairs were very comfortable.

Score: 7/10. Enjoyed it. Would come here again.


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