Restaurant Review: Cafe China (NYC)

Official site:

Came here because a friend — who thinks they know something about Chinese food but instead always picks tourist traps — picked it.

My oh my. This restaurant only confirms that when it comes to food that moves away from European or Western haute/high end cuisine, Michelin has no idea what they are doing. I walked away from this restaurant substantially disappointed.

Cafe China is a Szechuan place in Midtown with a Michelin star. However, that doesn’t mean anything. It’s an ordinary Chinese restaurant with food you can get anywhere in Chinatown or Flushing, just slightly pricier.

Stuff they had: Mapo tofu, string beans, tea smoked duck, Kung Pao chicken, coconut sherbet.

Score: 3/10 After eating here and at Spotted Pig, it’s clear that there is nothing extraordinary about receiving a single Michelin star.


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