Restaurant Review: Snowdays Shaved Cream Co. (few locations around NYC)

Official site:

When I first came here I was hesitant to order the wrong thing. After coming back a few times, I’ve realized that that is impossible. I’ve loved everything I’ve ever ordered from this place. There is literally nothing on the menu that doesn’t taste good, which is amazing to me.

The food is like this: choose ice cream, then choose toppings. Not too many ice cream choices, but there are a ton of topping options. These range from cereal, to fruit, to mochi. You can also drizzle some sauce on top, like chocolate or condensed milk.

Recommendations? Any of their pre-decided combos is pretty good. You really can’t go wrong.

Additionally, the color changing spoons is a nice touch.

Score: 7.5/10 Fun place to get dessert.


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