Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 3

I love the Kung Fu Panda franchise. I am unabashedly biased towards it.

With that said, this is likely my least favorite of the three films. It’s still a great movie and great fun for persons of any age.

Synopsis is this: Po — our panda protagonist — meets his father and must journey to the secret panda village to learn the ways of chi so he can defeat a new enemy.

What makes the movie great is all the attention to details as well as the themes. The new panda characters are funny and there are so many little jokes sprinkled in.

As for themes, there is a focus on family and one’s identity. It’s very Stephen Chow in that kung fu — at least in this film — is meant to be expressed differently for each person, not in one static style, but to express one’s true self. It’s a nice message and arguably the least politically sensitive one which can be enjoyed by both American and Chinese audiences. I bring up Chinese audiences because Kung Fu Panda is apparently very popular there.

The cast is great once again and Jack Black is perfect blend of funny with occasional seriousness.

Score: 7.6/10 I hope there are more movies in this franchise.



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