Restaurant Review: Xi’an Famous Foods (NYC)

Official site:

This place used to be a hole in the wall, downstairs, inside a mall where absolutely no one paid their taxes. That was before Anthony Bourdain paid it a visit. Xi’an Famous Foods has since exploded and opened a number of successful store fronts inside the city.

I went to the one in downtown Flushing, a block down from the original location. Mostly because it’s slightly nicer with better seating.

The food consist of mainly two things: noodles and the lamb burger. There are also some cold appetizers like cucumbers. Almost everything is spicy. Including the cucumbers.

As an aside, I hate spicy food.

If you can get over the fact that Anthony Bourdain came here, then you’d find that the food is between mediocre to crappy. It’s authentic, but there’s nothing extraordinary about it. In fact, there are many locations which do the same kind of food around Flushing and Chinatown. This place is mostly for people who like spicy food and noodles. The burger was good though, very fatty.

Score: 3/10 As someone who hates spicy food, this place can be scored no higher. I feel like you could get the same quality of food if you added a bottle of Sriracha to cup noodles. Yes, the noodles were chewy. That is not enough to make me want to come back.


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