Restaurant Review: Pig and Khao (NYC)

Official site:

I originally heard about this place from a friend. She wanted me to look at the menu and confirm her opinion that it looked terrible. She thought it was just another stereotypical Asian fusion trash restaurant for hipsters trying to look cultured. After looking at the menu, I reached the opposite conclusion. I thought it looked good. After some finagling, I convinced her to come try it with me. Afterwards, she quietly admitted she was wrong.

Make no mistake, this is undeniably a douchey/hipstery kind of place. It was opened by a top chef contestant — who is not of south east Asian decent — who has put her spin on south east Asian food. Regardless, the food is good though maybe not authentic.

The menu consists of just some small plates and a few large plates. We had the sizzling sisig (pork head, chili, whole egg, stir it together yourself) and the Bun Bo Nam Bo (lemongrass, beef, noodles). They were both really good. I wish we had more people so we could try everything, but it was just the two of us to that was all we had. The coconut rice was also really good even though it was just rice.

We finished with the Halo Halo, which is a dairy soup of ice cream and flan among other things. It felt like I was eating cereal. I did not enjoy this.

Score: 7/10 Don’t get any of the deserts. Everything else is great.


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