Movie Review: Zootopia

Zootopia is the latest anthropomorphic, talking animal film from Disney. I feel like since Alladin, Shrek, and all those Pixar films, we are safely within the era when all films that target children must in some way target adults with adult themes and jokes. This film certainly falls into that category.

The big theme in this film is race. The protagonist is a bunny, which in the film’s society is viewed as cute and cuddly, and generally work as carrot farmers from the country. She however, wants to be a police officer, an occupation filled by scary creatures, usually predators. More happens and she eventually joins the force and uncovers a criminal plot that seeks to exploit the racial divide within Zootopia, a big city where all animals live in harmony.

It’s a good movie with a good message, which is to not judge a book by its cover, to not judge people solely by their race. Using animals who are literally of a different race certainly makes it easier to get the analogy or metaphor across, which is that human beings also discriminate to the extent (or to a greater extent) than the discrimination in the movie.

The jokes are also very funny, with lots of references only adults will get. Kids will probably enjoy it because of the fun action and cute talking animals. Hopefully, they’ll also perceive the themes of tolerance and equality as well.

Score: 6.9/10 Watching the film actually reminded me of the irrational hatred and racism present in our world today. Surprising, since it is a children’s film. The film does a great job of approaching the sensitive subject of discrimination and makes it digestible for children and maybe for some adults as well.


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