Restaurant Review: Ten Below Ice Cream (Chinatown, NYC)

Official site:

First time I heard about this was on I saw a clip of someone making this and it looked really cool. Here’s an example video:

Well, some entrepreneur decided that this was a great idea and opened a brick and mortar making this stuff. Its clear to me now that entrepreneur was right.

First thing I noticed when I got here was the line. It went about twenty feet out the door. Me and my friends decided to go eat dinner and come back. Luckily the line shortened, but it was still packed. The place is always packed.

The second thing I noticed is that the majority of patrons were children. High school, elementary school, all ages were represented in this crowd. As a result, it is loud and people keep bumping into you. Really not a great place for adults looking for a romantic time or even a quiet time.

Lastly, the ice cream was fantastic. The main draw of this place is the spectacle of the ice cream; watching them make it and picking toppings. None of the people I came with had ever had this before so watching it being made was really fun. We ordered the strawberry shawty flavor where the maker takes some strawberries and a gram cracker and mixes them together into cream that is quickly freezing over. After the maker rolls your ice cream together you get to pick toppings, no extra charge. I picked the toasted marshmallow, bananas, strawberries, and caramel.

The ice cream was fantastic and I would love to come back again if it wasn’t so crowded. In fact, I heard from other patrons that my visit was one of the least crowded that patron had ever seen.

Score: 6/10 Great ice cream, great idea, but crowded as hell. I would love to come back if not for that, but because of that, I don’t think I’ll be coming back anytime soon. Too successful I guess.


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