Restaurant Review: Cracker Barrel (Upstate New York)

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As someone who grew up in a big city, there are things about the suburbs, the country, and the heartland of America that just enrapture me. For instance, I’m always excited to go hang out at a big American mall. In the city, there are so many things to do that I don’t really frequent malls all that often. When I do, the city’s malls are no where near as big as a mall in less populated areas. These big, true malls however, are spectacular. Furthermore, restaurants like Cheesecake Factory and Cracker Barrel are just fascinating to me since there are none of these in the city.

Cracker Barrel is almost nonsensical to me. Instead of just being a restaurant, it’s a restaurant and gift shop. I mean I’ve been to a Max Brenner and they have chocolates in the front because that place is known for chocolate, but a full on gift shop with mugs, and candy, and chochkies, and all sorts of little things that really don’t relate to the food is pretty interesting. However, in a way it does relate to the identity of the company and feels… really American.

The food is also really American fare. They have country fried steak, meat loaf, regular steak, macaroni and cheese, okra, etc. It’s exactly the kind of fatty, plain food you’d expect to see in… America. Oh, and it’s good by the way.

Growing up in a city, I had ethnic food almost every day. Chinese, Vietnamese, Jewish (which can be bland), Italian food, etc. I had it all. It seems that what I missed out on was the truly American foods. The fatty, deep fried, give you a heart attack and type two diabetes nonsense that is killing us. I love this kind of food. I never got to eat this kind of food. I grew up eating ethnic take out instead.

In conclusion, I loved Cracker Barrel. I never eat this kind of stuff. I guess it’s a little like IHOP.

Score: 6.6/10


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