TV Show Review: Supernatural Season 11

Supernatural has been going on for ELEVEN, WHOLE, SEASONS. That is a pretty damn long time in TV land and you don’t reach that many seasons without a devout fan base.

I can’t speak for all the other watchers of Supernatural, but the reason I watch Supernatural is simple: I want more of the same. I don’t really want some new spin off, which is likely why the attempted Supernatural spin offs failed. I want more Sam and Dean, hunting different monsters of the week, dealing with angels and demons, working through their brotherly issues, some pop horror, and fighting some big bad monster at the end of the season resulting in some kind of revelation. It’s a formula that has been perfected to a tee during the last ten seasons and I just want more of the same.

In that regard, this season delivers yet again. Here’s the synopsis: Sam and Dean accidentally release and must defeat the Darkness, a being seemingly as powerful as God. As they search for a solution, they fight a few unrelated monsters and see some old faces from past seasons, which I love. I love seeing familiar faces and applaud the blatant fan appeasement.

The ending of the season was cheesy, but brings back a familiar face, introduces a new character, and leaves us with a cliff hanger I really want to see resolved. I can’t wait.

It’s clear the producers of this show know what their fans want; we want more of the same. Not being sarcastic.

Score: 6.3/10


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