TV Show Review: The Flash – Season 2

Another season of Flash has come and gone and I have enjoyed this season even more than the last.

What I love most about the Flash is that it has gone further down the rabbit hole towards a true, fantastic, science fiction show. There are alternate dimensions, doppelgangers, time travel, a Speed Force and much more. In many ways, it has the feel of a show like Doctor Who; Barry Allen seemingly has the power to travel through all of space and time.

The stuff I don’t like is… well everything else. The Flash — like most CW shows — is incredibly cheesy. The romance between Barry and anyone else is horribly scripted and needlessly drawn out. I know drama involves obstacles, but these obstacles between having a happy relationship are just contrived and hard to believe.

Additionally, I often hate how Flash deals with his villains. If we were to look at Barry’s powers, he is pretty much as strong if not stronger than Superman. He can solve every crime instantaneously. However, because we need to create conflict, his villains continue to find ways to stop him, or trip him, or some other stupid way to slow him down. He really should be invincible, but I guess the writers have to find some sort of way to threaten him. Further, the solution to every problem is to run faster. This leads to a lot of episodes where people keep yelling at him to run whenever any problems arise. It feels like a scene from Forrest Gump.

Regardless, I still enjoyed the season because of the exploration of alternate dimensions as alternate timelines. The ending was just great and explores the burden and responsibilities of Barry’s abilities, as well as what happens when he shirks those responsibilities.

In conclusion, if the show runners run away from cheesy villains and cheesy romances and instead run towards the crazy science fiction of time travel, dimensional travel, aliens and the like, then next season should be just fine.

Score: 7.1/10


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