Anime Review: Ushio no Tora Season 2

For those who have already indulged themselves in the Ushio no Tora story when it originally came out, the release of this series might be redundant. For me however, I am greatful to be able to partake in this fun Shonen story.

It’s pretty standard Shonen, kid has to become stronger to defeat a great evil. The kid makes friends with just about everyone. No real consummation of any romances. Lots of shonen action. It’s great!

The premise is this: a kid named Ushio releases a demon trapped in his basement by a magic spear. Together, they learn to work with each other and combine their power towards defeating an evil demon known as Hakumen no Mono.

Season 2 is the final season and ends the story. It’s short in that there are only two seasons, but I feel that that is enough to tell this story. They go into the origins of the spear as well as the history of most characters. The ending is predictable, but it’s nice to have a happy ending every so often.

Score: 6.4/10 Lots of action, lots of laughs. Definitely worth a watch if you like old school shonen anime.


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