TV Show Review: Game of Thrones Season 6

This was by far the best season of Game of Thrones in my opinion and that is because of one main reason: pacing. It feels like for the past five seasons, the pacing of the show was extremely slow and dragged its feet in revealing its plot points. This was likely in deference to the books and the reveals George R. R. Martin had saved for his books.

If you’ve been reading up on Game of Thrones news, this season is the first season which completely ignores the timing of the books and just moves on with the story ahead of the books. As a result the plot twists were all new and unforeseen, even for readers of the books. Additionally, a number of main characters have died off, releasing more of the budget for set pieces and action scenes. The result is a fast paced series of episodes that unloads plot twist/point after plot twist/point in quick succession.

The characters are just as good as always but the best episodes of this season are as follows: The Door, Battle of the Bastards, and The Winds of Winter. With special effects that could rival any big budget movie as well as developments in the story that truly change everything, it was an impressive season that I re-watched a number of times. Not going to say any spoilers, but it was good.

And the music. Man oh man was the music on point. The most affecting piece for me was the beginning part in the episode The Winds of Winter. You’ll know it when you hear. The cello was especially memorable.

Score: 8.5/10 Great season. Can’t wait for the final two seasons.


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