Restaurant Review: Debasaki (Flushing, NY)

Official site:

I originally found this place because it’s the only place with one thing: stuffed wings or gyoza wings. It’s basically the wing and wing tip part of the chicken. The bones in the wing are removed and that part is stuffed with something, then deep fried. An order of stuffed wings is about twenty bucks and comes with ten. The stuffing includes corn and cheese, kimchi cheese, spicy crab meat, garlic shrimp and veggie. You can mix and match the flavors however you want.

Our order of stuffed wings was a mix of all the flavors on the menu. We mostly concluded that the best flavor was the kimchi stuffed wings. The spicy crab was ridiculously spicy. In hindsight, I probably would have gone half and half with kimchi and corn stuffings.

We also ordered a plate of their soy garlic wings and mozzarella fries, which were both great. The soy garlic wings were sweeter than they were at other Korean friend chicken places, which was nice actually.

Additionally there were a lot of other Korean things here (jjigae, kimchi fried rice, etc.) We didn’t order any of that, but they all looked good and a lot of tables had them.

Service is worth a mention. They were very nice.

Score: 6.7/10 The stuffed wings were fine. Not sure if I would come back though now that I’ve tried it. If I wanted to come back for jjigae or kimchi fried rice, I’d probably go somewhere else.


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