Restaurant Review: Franchia (Park Avenue, NYC)

Official site:

Came here with some vegan friends. My opinion is that of an omnivore, so bear with it.

Like most vegan places, the food here was overpriced, under portioned, and didn’t taste great. With that said, the vegan half of our party loved the food.

We ordered a lot of things: the scallion pancakes, the Peking buns, the vegan scallops, Franchia noodles, the pad thai, stuffed mushrooms, the fritters, the vegan caviar and truffle rolls, the chocolate tofu pudding, soy cheese cake and the blueberry coconut cake. To my taste, it was all pretty lousy. To my vegan friends, it was fantastic.

They also have an assortment of teas for people who like that. I think we had the citron, with some plum wine and mojitos. These were okay.

Score: 2.8/10 If you’re vegan, this place is great. Otherwise, there is no reason for anyone non-vegan to ever set foot in this quagmire of half-assed dishes and lousy food. I’ve eaten vegan food before, and I just wish they’d try to make the food appetizing. Maybe get someone with formal culinary training to take on the food. It’s almost as if they are aiming for bland food.


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