Movie Review: Hell or High Water

It took watching this movie to realize just what a lousy year for quality movies this was. There were the superhero movies which only exacerbated my superhero fatigue. Some good animated films and science fiction, but nothing original. They were all sequels like Finding Dory and Star Trek Beyond. Hell Or High Water stands apart in that it is an original film, arguably an indie film, and a contender for the best movie I’ve seen this year.

The premise is this: two brothers launch a daring series of bank robberies as an old Texas ranger tries to catch them. It’s a simple enough story, but executed wonderfully.

I love when movies incorporate their setting into a movie. It’s almost as if the state of Texas is a costar. Long shots that linger on beautiful Texan landscapes are plentiful and establish a quiet, yet brooding atmosphere in the film. I also enjoyed getting a glimpse of Texas that I am unlikely to see for myself.

This atmosphere pervades into the performances of the actors, who are all stellar. They help encourage this dreary atmosphere and set a calm, yet tense tone for the film. It reminded me a little of No Country For Old Men.

Score: 7.7/10 Great movie. I definitely recommend anyone who has the opportunity to see it to go see it. Unfortunately, I think it had a limited release so not everyone will get the opportunity.


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